And the Bride Wore Blue…

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I know we’ve discussed non-white wedding dresses before and if you’re on my facebook or google+ you’ve seen the pictures of the amazing photoshoot we did with Ron Coulter featuring the gorgeous Maria and Gianna, but I wanted a chance to go into it a little bit further.

Maria in blue and Gianna in green.

Maria and Gianna in front of Barn

Gianna with flower

Gianna with flower. Sometimes a single flower can do as much as a full bouquet!

Also featured in this post are the beautiful bouquet cuffs made by local etsy store owner, BridalBling.

Gianna with the Bouquet by BridalBling

A quick look at the favors: I made the bags out of tulle and filled them with Jordan Almonds (Maria is Greek and I really wanted to get something traditional in there) in the blue, green, and white that made up the decor.

Gianna and Maria looking at favors.

Gianna can’t get over all of the cookies and favors.

This is just a picture I took so you can see the wedding and engagement ring charms.

I believe these pictures take us to the cookie table. I kept the blue, green, and white theme as much as possible through the tablescape and cookies, but in the same way I don’t think you have to wear white, I don’t think flowers have to match the theme colors either. These ones we used for bouquets and elsewhere are pink and purple.

Cookies that spell love in blue and green.

Cookie table.

Table set up.

We’ll end with a couple of more and a question. Which traditions do you hold. Why? I know I’ve asked before and if you’ve already answered, you don’t have to contribute again. Here at Hand in Hand, we’re constantly looking for the why’s of traditions so that we may best honor those with strong importance.

Happy with her cookie.


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