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I don’t know about you, but as much as I love the holidays, I also get a bit stressed. There is just so much to do to be ready! This can be amplified if you are planning a large event like a wedding. So today I wanted to talk about finding balance and keeping your sanity through this period.

Tip#1: Be a little selfish.

To start, make sure you are thinking about yourself. Both with holidays and planning, you are often thinking about what everyone else wants and needs. You’ve likely added a lot of time to your day for planning and shopping, lists and lists, especially if you are doing your planning without the help of a wedding consultant. This leads to things like poor nutrition skills and odd sleeping habits. I’m sure you already know that and are thinking, “Thanks for telling me. Like I can do anything about it,” but that’s really not my point. What I’m saying is make sure to not let your own needs get buried. It’s not really being selfish. You can’t really fix things and be there for everyone when you aren’t functioning well yourself.

Tip#2: Pamper Yourself.

“But Sarah,” you say, “Weddings are expensive. I can’t afford to go get pampered right now.” And that’s a totally valid argument but… there are ways to pamper yourself at home. Before your shower, head to the kitchen. Most people have olive oil and sugar. That’s really all you need to make a sugar scrub that will perk you up. If you have a little bit of peppermint oil or lemon or lavender, that’s even better because the smell will relax and rejuvenate you. You’re probably on pinterest looking for ideas anyway, do a quick search to find other cheap homemade recipes.

Tip #3: Breathe

This is another one that sounds heavy handed and I’m sorry for that. It’s true though. When it starts to get to be too much, find a place where no one will follow you, such as the bathroom or laundry room, and breathe. Close your eyes, breathe in, and remind yourself that all of the craziness comes from a good place. Count your blessings. Force a smile and count to 5. By then, you’ll probably find that it’s become genuine. It’s a weird psychology cliche, but one that’s very true.

Tip#4: Balance

Remember why you got engaged in the first place. Take a day for the two of you where wedding discussions are off limits. Plan a relaxing date day. If it’s hard not to get away from the topic, make a game of it. For every mention, someone takes over a chore for a day or has to do something special for the other. Or, and this is my favorite, whoever mentions weddings, then has to give a reason they are marrying the other. For every mention.

What do you think? What helps you relax? Are you excited for this season or nervous? Both? Let us know in the comments!!

Lots of Love,

Sarah Joy McKenzie

p.s. Last week we talked Halloween and I gave you the best fake blood recipe of all time. To clean off hard surfaces, try vinegar.

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