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Hey All,

As many of you know, I do offer Day-of Coordination. I believe it is an essential part of getting married, because you do not want to be worrying about when to cut cake, and who is where, on your wedding day. Many venues have your own coordinator, like mine did (thanks again Sarah Locke). I’m not afraid to admit, I took that a step further. See, I’d decided that I didn’t want to even answer questions. So I recruited a friend (remember the handsome men guarding us in the picture last week? She’s married to one of them). Jessica became my Bridal Party Wrangler.

Jessica and Andre

Love is War Wednesday blog out: who’s on your side? @publius513 you’re in this one. #LoveisWarWednesday Jessica and Andre here 🙂

When I asked Jessica ahead of time if she’d be willing to take on this role, I was thinking of simple errands that I’d done for others when I was a guest but she took it to a whole other level and I could not have been more grateful. She kept track of people. She also acted as my go between with the day of coordinator so if there were questions, I didn’t have to think about answers.

So, if you want Day-of, that will be included (but it would be me, not her) and if your budget can’t handle day-of, I can help you find your special BPW among your friends and help you create your request.

And Jess… we still owe you your wrangler hat. It’s coming.

Lots of Love,

Sarah Joy McKenzie


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  1. Snappy Cat Says :

    Posted on March 23, 2013 at 12:25 pm

    That’s definitely a super-important role at a wedding (that, frankly, is often overlooked). With the millions of things going on all around, it can quickly take a toll on the bride/couple when they’re running around searching for someone/something or tracking down answers. I vote YES! to having a Day-Of Coordinator or reliable friend who can help out like this at weddings!

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