Let’s talk flowers

Hey All,

Let’s talk flowers. Specifically, the after part.

There are a number of things you can do with the flowers after your ceremony. We went with a mixture of preserve and send home. My parents and in-laws houses were especially grand that week, having each brought some of Greg Foster’s (our florist, based in SC) gorgeous arrangements home.

Our arches

Ceremony arches

The thing is, when you bring home flowers from a ceremony (or receive them for any reason, really) you want to have them for as long as possible. So here’s a fun idea. Potpourri.

My husband gave me flowers from Mount Lebanon Floral for V-day. While they are still holding strong, I have hand to take some petals that were drying up off so they wouldn’t choke the rest. They still smell so good though. While I was lamenting the idea of just tossing them, I spied a little dish. So I popped them in, added a cinnamon stick that we broke in half (I love cinnamon and we use sticks to mull cider).


Valentine's flowers

Valentine’s flowers with the potpourri in front.

Smells great. Yes, it’s just a quick toss in but if you want more to it, you can add citrus peels, cloves, all kinds of things. There are guides online. It’s just a nice way to save the memories and beauty a little longer.

Something to try.

Lots of Love,

Sarah Joy McKenzie


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