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Something that everyone thinks will be an easy part of the wedding is often one of the hardest. This is particularly true for those of us who have moved a lot, or changed schools or jobs, as well as any other occurrences that bring new people to your life or take them out. Why? Because, let’s face it, your pool of people who you would ask to stand beside you grows, which is awesome. Your wedding budget, however, likely won’t.

There are things to think about when choosing your attendants. I’ll go through them but before I do, remember that like any aspect of your event, your needs will be unique to you. These are just the basics.

1. Determining your number before the who can be a huge help.

2. Who keeps you calm. Amanda Bleu reminded me day before that if the place burned down and we were standing in the wreckage eating pudding pops, I’d still be married the next day. More on that story later. All of my ladies kept me calm and collected. Yes I was excited and day of anything could have gone wrong and I probably wouldn’t have noticed or cared. Week leading up… I had some moments. Choose the people who will talk you down and not those who will panic along side you. You’ll be much happier that way.

AB twirling in elevator

Amanda Bleu in a shot taken by one of our groomsmen.

3. Who keeps you sane. Yeah, that may be the same person, but maybe not. Jane helped me do seating. Had she not, it may have gotten done, probably with the same results but would have taken hours or days more to do as I stressed over each and every one.

My sweet Jane, who came all the way from Ireland to be there.

My sweet Jane, who came all the way from Ireland to be there.

4. Someone who is willing to move their schedules around to help you. Amanda G. was my only local bridesmaid and that lovely lady did it all. Tried on dresses, helped address invitations, came with me to appointments just to show support. She offered opinions when asked but always came back to “what do you like?” Most people have mostly local bridesmaids so you know, think about who will come.

Amanda G. So pretty!

Amanda G. So pretty! That’s right, I also some of the prettiest people you’ve ever seen!

5. Who will keep you laughing? My cousin is a comedian. No, literally, if you are ever in Chicago, check Tristan out at the Ph Theatre. There was never tension and if I got stressed, all it took was a look.


My gorgeous cousin Tristan, walking with my also gorgeous brother, Andre.

6. Who’s going to give the best toast? I don’t think I’ll ever see a wedding toast topped by the one my sister and MOH, Megan, gave. It was the only part of the wedding where I almost cried.

Meggy Speech

Megan giving the most beautiful speech.

Now, maybe because I’d been to a number of weddings, taken the courses, seen so many good and bad I was ready. Maybe I was lucky. I was definitely lucky. I gave a specific example for each but really, they all fit all of them. I chose based on family (no, not all biological but family is family). I thought long and hard. Funny thing is, my sister knew the other four and they knew her but not each other. You’d never know. To see them interact and come together you’d think they’d been friends for years. And hopefully, now they will be!

Oh, one more. 7. Appreciate them! Don’t forget to say thank you.

All of the pictures in this post were taken by Aperture Visions Photography in Greenville, SC except the one of Amanda Bleu. That was taken by one of our groomsmen. Who were all also very wonderful and appreciated.

Lots of Love,

Sarah Joy McKenzie

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