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Hey All,

Just a little Wednesday post to get you thinking. Branding is one of the big trends of this year (and really the past few). It’s a great way to pick a theme and stick to it. It’s even a cool new(ish) way to show everyone your new monogram, so it’s kind of a twist on an old tradition, which is fun.

Another thing that makes this idea extra fun is all of the favors and gifts you can give out to guests and people who helped. There are so many options nowadays! My favorites are usually edible, but there are other great things out there too. Depending on budget and size, customized scents are a great way to thank a bridal party. Bags with your monogram or ‘logo’ filled with little goods are a wonderful way to greet guests who have come in from out of state. Hotels will leave them in their rooms if brought by in time and, believe me, the travelers will appreciate it!

From invitations to programs to a logo seal or gobo lighting, this is a great way to customize and personalize your wedding.

What do you all think? A great way to fit in themes and color schemes or are you risking looking like a marketing campaign? Let me know.

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