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Today’s topic is traffic. I grew up near Boston and currently live in the Pittsburgh area. I know all about how a place five miles away can take forty five minutes to drive to. The thing is though, not everyone does. Today’s thing to think about is how to plan around this if you must drive from your ceremony site to your reception site.

Important thought number 1: it’s all about timing. Work with your planner to figure out the best time line for your day. There are a lot of things to take into account and you don’t want guests to miss out.

2: If there are backroads, let people know. We all know that GPS es have their faults. Some don’t know about road closings, some don’t know that the road behind that restaurant can save you ten minutes. If you have guests that aren’t from the area, make up a quick best way to get there map. Put it on your website, send it out, hand it out at the reception. Whatever way works best to make sure everyone understands. You can even put them in gift bags or enclosed in the invitations. This is also good for out of the way ceremony sites.

3: Be ready

If people are driving, having a cocktail hour waiting for them is a great way to make sure no one is waiting around with nothing to do and no one is missing your announcement!

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