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I thought today I’d explain a package. Then maybe I’ll do this every few days until they’re all up here. At Hand in Hand, many of our service packages are not named conventionally, because they are slightly different than most. They are all designed to meet certain needs but are also there to be flexible enough to fit any client’s unique needs. We do have the consultation packages and day of coordination packages that are pretty standard, so we’ll leave them for a later date.

One thing: at Hand in Hand Weddings and Events, all of our packages come with a couple of things. First off: at least one free email address. “But why, Sarah, would you need that? I have one.” Here’s the thing. You will end up giving your email address to so many people over the course of your wedding. You will need to, you will want to, but it will also open you up to so much junk mail. One of the best pieces of advice I received when I was planning my own wedding that I had never thought of before or read about in any of my classes was get a separate email address. So came It was huge (and yes I do check it every couple of months or so and clear out hundreds of ads). It’s also a great way to keep all of the planning stuff together, but separate from all else.

Amanda Bleu

Amanda Bleu

Amanda Bleu, the gorgeous bridesmaid who gave me the email address advice. Also the one to point out that no matter what happened, I would be married the next day as I had a small issue over a small matter at rehearsal dinner. I will get into that later. Now, back to the subject at hand. The other thing that all packages come with is the Hand in Hand kit. It’s really more of a folder and it has tips and tricks to help get you started. Also has the requirements for marriage in PA as well as any offers that myself or any vendors in my network have at that time.

Now that we’ve gone through that, onto our first package. The coaching package. No, you don’t really need to call me “Coach.” The idea behind the coaching package is to make it all less overwhelming. So for every type of basic vendor (florist, music, venue, food, attire, plus one for extras)  we will have a meeting where I introduce the jargon (all the new terms you’ll be hearing) as well as an idea of how much of your budget should cover each piece. In that same meeting, we’ll look at different styles and try to narrow down your preferences. I’ll recommend the best vendors for your style, price range, and any other priorities we come by. If you need me to, I will arrange the meetings for you and there is the option of my coming to vendors meetings with you for a small additional cost. In addition, we will have a meeting (best if it’s before the others) to determine your budget and its allotment, your priorities and goals, and determine concerns. The package also includes monthly check ins (by phone or email) and 5 hours of consultation (available in 1-2 hour appointments). Added services, such as Day-of Coordination are available at a discount.

Contact me for a free initial meeting to determine if this or another package or service is right for you. Particularly if you only have one or two areas that are confusing to you, we may be able to create a smaller package just for you.

Lots of Love,

Sarah Joy McKenzie


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  1. Snappy Cat Says :

    Posted on February 25, 2013 at 2:57 am

    What a great idea! It’s comprehensive and can put couples who are just starting down the planning path at ease!

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