The Custom Conondrum- Guest post by Jenny Butterfield!

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I am super excited to bring you another guest post! Jenny Butterfield is, in addition to being a good friend of mine and the other half of Wedding Slam, an insanely talented Jewelry designer and creator. Throughout the post you’ll see some of her creations and you will be blown away.

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Wouldn't this look lovely on your left hand?

Wouldn’t this look lovely on your left hand?

The Custom Conundrum

As a jewelry designer, when I say the word “custom,” I get a variety of different responses.  Sometimes I get looks of uncontrollable excitement.  Other times, I get looks of sheer terror.

The people who react with excitement are the women (or men) who have been questing high and low for something very specific.  They have had an idea for years and simply could not find jewelry anywhere that matched pictures that they had in their heads.  When they describe what they’ve been looking for, and I say, “I can do that,” these people simply light up.  “Finally!  I can find what I’ve been looking for!”

Custom Bracelet

Custom Bracelet

On the other side of the spectrum, the people who look at me with looks of blank terror are the people who look like they’re seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time… I may as well have told them to chose a single drop from an ocean where all the drops looks the same.  They just don’t know where to start.

My job, in the simplest terms, is to help.

Any good designer will put her client first and ask clear, pointed questions.  These questions aren’t just about what the jewelry will look like: stone color and shape, chain length, etc.  But the truly great questions are about what the jewelry will mean to the wearer.

Clouds Pendant, even more amazing in person.

Clouds Pendant, even more amazing in person.

Jewelry, by its very nature, is intensely personal and emotional… It sits against your skin all day, it reminds you of your grandmother’s strength or your mother’s humor, it calls to mind memories of a favorite vacation or special adventure, it symbolizes love and triumph and fidelity and whatever else it is meant to symbolize to you.


A good designer will ask good questions.  A truly great designer will be able to capture that emotional lightening in a bottle and create a piece of jewelry that fits your vision or feeling.

A very emotional custom piece.

A very emotional custom piece.

The custom conundrum isn’t about the jewelry at all but about the feelings.  How do you want to feel when you wear a piece of jewelry that was made especially for you?

Custom earrings

Custom earrings

More about Jenny Butterfield:

Jenny is the owner of Jenny Butterfield designs in McMurray, PA. All of these pieces you see have stories. Check her out at her website or facebook and contact her for jewelry made with you in mind!


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