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Hey All,

As you may know, we started with the theme posts awhile back and so far they’ve been all weddings. Today, I wanted to treat you all to a birthday party theme post. I was watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 and just fell in love with all the food animals! I thought it would make the perfect children’s birthday party so I thought I’d take you through that.

First off, the hero of this adorable story is a scientist named Flint Lockwood. He is funny and kind and has crazy hair. I recommend dressing up the birthday child as him for the party. I don’t want to spoil anything here but in the first one he makes friends with his former bully, a monkey, a policeman, and another scientist. His Dad is also by his side and they all join him for the adventures in the second. There are a few things you can gather together to help the rest of the children become these characters for the party (for example, a headband and a DS and you’ve got Steve, the monkey).

Now onto the best part: the food. Many of the critters in this movie lend themselves to cute and festive party treats for children and adults. With just a couple of toothpicks and some cleaned shrimp, you can make the shrimpanzees as appetizers. The fruit Cocateils will take more work but surrounded in berries, make for the perfect kids appetizer. For the main course, subwhales, adorable submarine sandwiches that you can lay around the cake, which I would personally have made to look like the father’s boat (as that’s where we see the subwhales). I would finish it off with a hot chocolate ‘bar’ where the children can add their own marshmallows. The key to this is to get the pens for coloring cookies and make little eyes and tongues on the marshmallows.


That’s just a suggestions. As I said, the movie is filled with these adorable critters. The Hippotatoes would be great for an older crowd, and you could easily set up a Tacodile station. The Cheesespiders (bodies are cheeseburgers, legs are french fries) would be pretty cool but I think I’d go cake- or brownie-pops for those.

Marshmallows 2

Marshmallows 2

Now for the best part of any children’s party: activities. One of the best parts of this movie (and the first) is how much Flint wants to be a scientist. Gather together as many different materials you can that are nontoxic and can have a reaction or a purpose. Bonus points for wacky. Let the kids go crazy alone or in teams (this should largely depend on age and number of children as well as age range) and create their ‘inventions’.

Towards the end or, depending on age and length of party, right before you watch the movie, have the children present their inventions. What they are and what they do (they don’t have to work, imagination is the point of this one). Then give awards. Here’s the thing, I do not buy into the participation awards but I do believe everyone should get one, especially at a party. So here’s what you do. Challenge yourself to find something about each one that was the best and create that award. Most interesting, most practical, most creative use of glue, be as creative as the kids were. You will foster self esteem and win ‘Best birthday party’.

What do you think? Would you do it? I’d host this party just as easily for adults myself.

Marshmallows 3

Marshmallows 3

Let me know how it goes and happy partying!

Lots of Love,

Sarah Joy McKenzie


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  1. Collin Stover Says :

    Posted on April 6, 2014 at 4:04 pm

    It’s the way you allow your imagination to run wild to build a practical and fun event that makes you awesome, Sarah!

    The marshmallows are cute! I haven’t seen the movie, so it’s hard for me to come up with anything else related to this theme. Cool ideas!

    • admin Says :

      Posted on April 6, 2014 at 4:17 pm

      Thanks! And if you get a chance, go see it. Good date night movie and you don’t have to see the first one to get it…

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