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Hey All,

So the theme for this post comes from a facebook comment my sister wrote. It was a huge compliment from her and very detailed. I couldn’t resist giving it a try. Our theme is “Little Mermaid with a New Orleans twist in seafoam green”.

So what to pin down first? I’m starting with the Little Mermaid.  Are we talking Disney or old school Hans Christian Anderson? Considering the ending of the original where she turns to seafoam, which would provide our seafoam angle, instead of getting the prince, I’m going Disney.

So many ways to go with the New Orleans twist: I guess the obvious would be mardi gras, but there are a couple of other things to try. New Orleans has such a rich history and culture that there are so many ways to include this in your theme originally. For me, I’d go with the food. It helps that they are on the water, hello little mermaid easy transition!

Pulling it together: vibrant colors is a must. Rich blues and greens and a touch of royal purple.

Attire: I would put both brides in fantastic mermaid dresses. Not usually my favorite, but how could you not? As a note, you may want to go with dancing dresses for the reception as mermaid cuts are not the easiest for that, and how can you go New Orleans without some jazz? In addition, I’d go brightly colored sashes in those rich colors we spoke of earlier. Also as an alternative, men could wear rich colored ties, ascots, etc. I just read this theme and went, dresses and sashes yay!

Food: Jumbalaya and crab cakes and other amazing foods that are staples in New Orleans. So many delicious choices, that’s where you highlight this area.

Sweets: The croquembouche is a french dessert that is sometimes used at weddings and always looks cool. Remember, I am not a baker so mine is not perfect. You want a perfect cake, go to Megan Hart. It’s pretty though, right?

Croquembouche of sorts.

Croquembouche of sorts.


Signature Cocktails: Under the Sea!

Don’t forget the Pralines!

Some quick news: we are now on instagram! HandinHandWeddings

Also, we are working hard on the website, adding some awesome resources for our LGBT couples and friends in Pittsburgh.

Lots of Love,

Sarah Joy McKenzie

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  1. Marilina

    Posted on October 29, 2013 at 7:58 pm

    Looks pretty good to me! 🙂

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