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This post is the second part of our Halloween Costume: Fashion Victim series. Find part one here

We’re going to move onto the other focus areas of the costume now.

The Iron on Transfer:

I don’t know about you, but I loved these growing up. Still do, just haven’t used them in awhile. I wanted to give it a slight macabre twist for my fashion victim and have it look like it was ironed on directly to my skin. For this part you’ll need a temporary tattoo, pink lip liner (I also used benefits highlighter), and corn syrup. If including the clothing in the ironed look you’ll also need a black or brown pen, liner, or something that will show (I used nail polish for a more burnt and destroyed look).





As you can see, the jeans get pulled apart. The safety pin through the leg keeping the pants together will be covered in part 3. Start by applying a simple temporary tattoo and let it dry. The leg of the jeans is held there largely by fake blood but fashion tape will work as well. If you are doing the partly on skin/partly on clothing look, you’ll need to secure the article of clothing in some way. I went safety pins and fake blood (recipe at the end of this entry).

After that, super easy. Outline the iron shape with the pink pencil (and dark on pants). Because the steam would cause the most damage, add pink in circles near the edge. Feel free to use an iron as reference, I did. Then blend. I used a pink (makeup) highlighter for a bit of shine. Some corn syrup (clear) for the ooze and you have a blistery burn! Sadly, it did not show up as well as I’d like in pictures. Let me know if you find a way around that.

To use this for a different last minute costume I’d do the burnd circular to look like a muffin pan, throw frosting in my hair, and tell people I was on cupcakes wars when it got really real.

Stiletto in the back:

I need to start this by pointing out that I’ve had the heels snap off of shoes before so I figured buying shoes for $1 at the consignment store would be a safe bet. Turns out they were really well made and took a long time to come off, also leaving me unable to take the metal that made the base for the shoe. Oh well, it looked even more painful and gave some more stability that way.


Done by cutting a hole in the shirt and hot gluing to a piece of tape. I further secured it to my body once on with fake blood and eyelash adhesive. I’ll tell ya, that stuff sticks. The only downside was that I didn’t give it enough of a shelf, so I had to hold the steel at times with the back of my arm. Looked really cool but my arm is sore!

stilletto and blood

Last for this entry we’ll talk about what brings it to life. Or death I guess. The blood. The thing about buying fake blood is that it tends to be pink and is hard to clean up. Ours will stain clothes so I recommend finding something you don’t wear anymore. As long as its wiped up quick though, this stuff cleans well. For tips on how to clean up when you realize later that you got it somewhere, come back next week.

I think heels are like the eyeliners in that anything sharp around your house will do for a quick costume. The lighter the better.

To start you’ll need four ingredients as well as a bowl and a butter knife. Corn Syrup (light color), red food dye in paste form, blue food coloring, and gold glitter glue.

Ignore the spatula

Ignore the spatula

“Glitter glue?” you must be saying, wondering what is wrong with me. The thing is, though, that real blood has a coppery tint that catches light. Trust me, you want realistic, you need the glitter glue.

So you start with about a half cup of corn syrup. Follow that with a scoop (with the knife) of red food coloring (I used wiltons christmas red) and stir. When you think you’ve got it to red and no longer pink add two drops of blue. Seriously though, just two. This will help deepen the color and keep it from getting pink. Then squeeze in some of the glitter glue. Stir. You’re going to have to test it until you get the red just right. Then it’s ready to apply. Quick tip: Do what I didn’t and put some in a travel shampoo bottle. You can touch it up if needed.


Part 3 will be up tomorrow and will cover the headpiece and how to ‘sew it’ to your face, the zipper, safety pins and pulling it all together.

Lots of Love,

Sarah Joy McKenzie


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