Theme Post: Halloween Costume (Part 3)

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Today is the conclusion of the Fashion Victim tutorial. In case you missed them, here are parts 1: and 2:

Let’s start with the headpiece:

You can very easily just buy or use one you don’t mind never using again. Just be sure it’s got a piece long enough to “stitch”. I made mine with a little flower pick from the bridal section at Michaels, a ribbon, and a barrette.



Just insert the pick end, and superglue.

Just insert the pick end, and superglue.

I sewed up the ribbon, curled the ends, then hot glued down.

I sewed up the ribbon, curled the ends, then hot glued down.

To create the sewn on look, I used twine. First I used a mix of concealer and just a little glitter glue on the area. Sounds odd but gives it the right pucker for stitches. That and a little bit of eyelash adhesive works for sticking the ribbon on. Dotting the fake blood helps as well. Then I dipped the small pieces of twine into the adhesive and stuck in a criss cross pattern. Looks great but it hard. I’d actually recommend embroidery floss in a dark color or white as they are more flexible.

Odd angle but best shot of the stitches.

Odd angle but best shot of the stitches.

Other times to use this technique: anything Frankenstein’s Monstery. Great if you’re doing a monster’s high costume as well.

For the zipper:

I really wanted an embedded look. Up close there are spots where that happened really well but in the future I’d have gotten a glue used for theatrical makeup to keep it pushed down. I used a zipper I got from a consignment store, unzipped, and wrapped it around. Then, in all the spots it touched, covered with the fake blood. Use this for any last minute disaster costume. Pick a scenario, find something not quite sharp and you’ve got the flying pieces.

It’s hard to separate the safety pin wounds and the pulling everything together because they were the most interlocked part. I’m going to try.

Safety Pins:

The locations are easy enough. I used them whenever I had a large gap in clothing and needed it to be secured. Where the safety pin sat, I put a piece of scotch tape (really that’s all). I covered in the concealer and glue mix to hide the color, then covered in fake blood. The cool thing about the tape and concealer mix is when it eventually does start to lift, it looks like skin peeling, adding to the wound.

Closer view of safety pin.

Closer view of safety pin.

Putting it all together:

This requires mapping out your injuries before executing them. Once you know where things are, make the preliminary holes in clothes. For mine, the eyeliners needed openings where the wire would be covered and the parts sticking out wouldn’t hit anything else. Be especially careful with this, the one on my leg adjusted after walking a bit and I ended up with a sort of limp to keep from poking the other leg. After making holes in the arm, I shredded it lower down. Helped with the injured/dead look but made me sore. I wanted the zipper to really show so I cut the sleeve off in a ragged way to make it look like it had been ripped off. For the iron on transfer, I ripped open the pant leg and safety pinned it together. For some extra gore, I ripped a few spots in the shirts and did the safety pin wounds (they’re great for filling in boring areas of the costume).

When I needed a piece of clothing to stay but the safety pin trick wasn’t on menu (and to keep from overdoing it) I found the fake blood did a great job.

Wrap up: things to watch for:

If you are applying the fake blood to a spot with hair, wipe the area with olive oil first. Also use upon removal. You know sugaring? Corn syrup’s a lot like that. It’s actually not the glue, that comes off fine. Eyelash adhesive is strong but hard to get off. It won’t take hair with it but it will require some good scrubbing.

If there is anything I missed or was unclear on let me know. Otherwise, give me a quick shout to let me know if you  used any of these and for what!

Lots of Love,

Sarah Joy McKenzie


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